The most powerful guitar
chord dictionary in the world!

With More than 1 Billion Chords available for you, with thousands charted chord variations. You can even get impossible chord combination structures, or the most difficult chords in the world. Better yet, you can transform any chord position to an easier chord to better suit your ability.
Finally: you can type in any chord, click the button and learn hundreds of chord positions instantly!
You won't find a chord dictionary like Billion Chords anywhere else on the internet.

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Billion Chords Features List:

• Ability to find any chord possible
• Ability to construct any chord by choosing the abbreviations on a list
• Ability to listen the chords sound
• Ability to change the sound by choosing an instrument
• List of all synonyms of each chord
• Drawing of the chord along the virtual fret diagram
• You can choose a common tuning
• You can change to your personal tuning
• Find chords and omit barre chords
• Display only easy chords
• Choose the max distance between your fingers
• Choose the maximum fret # to display the chord charts
• Ability to display to left-handed chords
• Change the bass note for any chord
• More than 1 Billion combinations available
• Omit 5 and omit 3 in any chord

• and much more!...

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